There are some really new and exciting ways for your golf event to raise funds.


The Superticket will take all of the items that you might sell to your golfers separately, ie: Mulligans, raffle tickets, contest entry fees, etc., into one value

Added Offering The Superticket is normally sold at time of registration and this ticket saves time and allows the golfer a one time donation the entire day.

Golfers appreciate the “one-donation” approach and as a result, happy golfers that will return next time you host this event.

This also assures that you will make more money.

The Superticket is a card and a fun 18 hole game by scratching off 1 of the 4 Dots on each hole and every card is different. You can offer a wide variety of Prizes and each tournament is different. The back of the card lists what the Golfer is receiving for their donation and will include the Tournament Title and/or logo. It will also include the cost of the ticket.

We can assist you in customizing the Superticket around your sponsorships and more.

The Superticket offers for the golfer’s donation a way to support your cause and you give them back something in exchange.

This is a true WIN-WIN!


The cannon will shoot a golf ball up to 400 yards and can be used on a Par 4 for Closest-to-the Pin CONTESTS. The cannon uses real golf balls.

Golfers can fire their own shot and is a great fundraiser!


These are just a few of the new ideas... we have plenty more. Call us to find out!